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Time to try out drawing requests!

I’ve never really done anything like this before, but I often want to draw stuff and end up coming with no good ideas when I start.  And considering that many of the artists I follow on Tumblr do both commissions and the occasional request, I thought I’d experiment with the latter and see how it ends up.

The basic idea is that I’ll only do characters or creatures (Not much experience with backgrounds at the moment).  Once I’ve drawn one, I’ll put the sketch up on my blog and contact whoever requested it.  I might end up inking and coloring it if I’m interested enough, but no guarantees.

As for how this works, I’m going to take the first three requests people either message to me or post as a reply here.  If you want me to tackle an original character of yours or someone else, please provide a link to at least one drawing of them.  Other than that, the only rules I’ll establish are no adult/erotic material, as in sex, nudity, or a huge emphasis on T&A.

If for whatever reason I can’t do a request (Like if it’s an OC and you can’t provide a picture), I’ll let the person who asked for it know, and if they can come up with something else that works before I hit the three request limit, I’ll do that.  And if this goes well, I’ll probably do something like this again and maybe even start doing commissions, but I’m taking this one step at a time for now.

Send me whatever request you want that follows the established rules any time.  Looking forward to kicking this off!

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